Dorota Tomaszewska

Dorota Tomaszewska

President of New Players Poland Sp. z o.o., Trainer, Life Coach, Consultant and an Author of post-training games
Dorota Tomaszewska - New Players
All about me
  • Trainer,
  • Consultant ,
  • Life Coach,
  • President of New Players Poland Sp. z o.o.,
  • Author of post-training games.
I specialize in:
  • supporting HR departments in analyzing in-company situation and planning appropriate developmental activities,
  • I also conduct trainings and workshops.
Educational background and professional qualifications:
  • Master’s degree in pedagogy from Jagiellonian University in Kraków,
  • Graduate of Gestalt Therapy Institute in Kraków,
  • Certified coach of Extended DISC Personal Analysis, Extended DISC Team Analysis; Extended DISC Poland,
  • Graduate of The Art and Science of Coaching – an institution accredited by IFC (International Coach Federation).
Professional experience:
  • president of New Players Poland Sp. z o.o., (since 2013),
  • trainer and business consultant (since 2002),
  • life coach(since 2010),
  • lecturer of AGH University of Science and Technology (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza) in Kraków,
  • psychotherapist.
While cooperating with the following companies:
New Players Poland, Eikon, Partner of Promotion, Integra Consulting, I have provided services to:
Manufacturing industry:
  • ABB,
  • C&C,
  • CSF Częstochowa,
  • Dell,
  • Durpoland,
  • Edica,
  • Fiat,
  • Grupa Żywiec,
  • Hamilton Sundstrand SP z o.o.,
  • Hochland,
  • HS Wrocław,
  • Nordenia,
  • NSG,
  • Nutricia Zakłady Produkcyjne,
  • Pacific Toruń,
  • Paroc Polska,
  • Philips Lighting Poland,
  • Pratt & Whittney Kalisz,
  • Pratt & Whittney Rzeszów,
  • Thyssen.
Managerial competencies:

additionally to the above-mentioned

  • Inpost,
  • POLOmarket,
  • Polcomtel,
  • DPD,
  • Veracomp.
  • DPD,
  • Lars,
  • Grupa Żywiec,
  • Efaflex,
  • Paroc.
Sales and customer service:
  • Projects concerning the development of sales skills for the following companies:
    • Fresenius,
    • Josera,
    • Lars,
    • Pacific Toruń,
    • Oki,
    • Paroc Trzemeszno,
    • Instalcompact,
    • Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Mielec.
  • Establishing and implementing Customer Service Standards at:
    • ABB,
    • Edica Enersis,
    • Impel.
  • Geofizyka,
  • Instytut Nafty i Gazu,
  • ZCH Luboń,
  • Ministerstwo Finansów,
  • Comarch,
  • Woodward,
  • LPP,
  • AGH.
  • Grupa Maspex, 
  • PKP (Polish Railways).

I enjoy family gatherings and travelling with my relatives. I relax in the kitchen preparing dishes from different parts of the world. I derive inspiration from travelling the world. I read a lot, swim, do Nordic Walking and play Bridge.

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