Tomasz Jankowski

Tomasz Jankowski

Co-owner of New Players Poland sp. z o.o., Transactional Analyst, Trainer, Life Coach and an Author of post-training games
Tomasz Jankowski - New Players
All about me
  • Transactional Analyst,
  • Trainer,
  • Life Coach,
  • Co-owner of New Players Poland sp. z o.o.,
  • Author of post-training games.
I specialize in:
  • skills training: human resources, sales, customer service,
  • planning and conducting performance enhancement projects,
Educational background and professional qualifications:
  • I am a member of Polish and French Transactional Analysis Associations PTAT and IFAT,
  • I have Certificate 101 from the European TA Association (EATA),
  • I am becoming a certified Transactional Analyst specializing in cooperation with organizations (CTA – O, within EATA),
  • I have certificates of participation in over 1000 hours of trainings and workshops including 500 hours conducted by French, British and American TA trainers,
  • I regularly supervise my own work,
  • I have certificates of participation in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and NVC (Nonviolent Communication) trainings.
Professional experience:
  • I have been a trainer and consultant since 1994.,
  • I worked as internal coach, Key Account Manager, Head of Training Department at Amplico AIG Life (1998 – 2003),
  • since 2002, I have been an entrepreneur,
  • since 2007, I have been working as a coach,
  • since 2013, I became a co-owner of New Players Poland.
While cooperating with the following companies:
New Players Poland, Pracownia Edukacji Aktywnej Kadr, Pracownia Psychologiczna “Spotkanie”, Integra Consulting , I have provided services to:
Manufacturing industry

I have managed and coordinated a team of trainers, designed and realized long-term (3-6 years) projects developing managerial competencies. These projects involved all the employees on executive positions in the following companies:

  • Pacific Toruń,
  • Wika Polska;
  • ABB,
  • C&C,
  • Durpoland,
  • Edica,
  • Hermes Polska,
  • Hochland,
  • Nestle Winiary,
  • Nordenia,
  • Nutricia Zakłady Produkcyjne,
  • Paroc Polska,
  • Philips Lighting Poland,
  • TZMO,
  • Thyssen,
  • Wika Polska,
  • IN-Software,
  • Insoglas.
Managerial competencies:

additionally to the above mentioned

  • for 7 years I was managing and coordinating a team of trainers, I was creating and conducting long-term projects aiming at managerial competence development and altering management culture in a worldwide chain of discount stores (name should remain undisclosed due to legal agreement).

I have successfully completed a dozen of coaching contracts in the fields of sales, sales management and managing a company / department cooperating with companies such as:

  • ABB,
  • DPD,
  • Imperial Tabaco,
  • Lars,
  • Nederman,
  • Polkomtel,
  • Pacific Toruń,
  • TEB,
  • Vox.
Sales and customer service

I have created and executed long-term, competence development projects in the fields of sales and customer service for companies such as:

  • FMG,
  • Lars,
  • Pacific Toruń,
  • Oki,
  • Paroc Trzemeszno,
  • Instalcompact,
  • Edica,
  • Global Garden Products,
  • Biogran,
  • Netia.
Additional achievements:
  • I am the author of the first Polish educational game aiming at changing attitude towards polite internal and external customer service addressed to 800 managers of a worldwide chain of discount stores,
  • I have written scripts of instructional videos supplementary to the above-mentioned game,
  • I have conducted trainings developing leadership skills through so-called survival training.

I am a father of two sons. I am keen on movement, especially team sports. I derive energy and pleasure from gaining new skills. I dive, ride horses, practice archery and master survival skills. In the winter, I go skiing and snowboarding.

Tomasz Jankowski - New Players