Questions and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Employees’ competencies are developed on an on-going basis, outside of training sessions.
  • Cost is reduced thanks to a method of continuous training within the workplace that does not require the presence of trainers.
  • You decide on the frequency of sessions, adapting the pace of learning to your workload.
  • The learning process is faster and more effective.
  • Skills acquired at the training quickly become second nature.
  • Pay once and reuse them many times, with many benefits.
  • One expense – multiple benefits.
  • One tool offers countless opportunities.

Situations described in games reflect real-life examples of issues encountered in the corporate world. Do not be surprised if you are reminded of your own experiences at work. The business environment sometimes feels like a jungle. An inexperienced explorer might not know how best to navigate their way through it. It is all about clever decision-making that will ensure the business’s survival, improved performance, and the achievement of your goals.

  • Post–training games will help you to get ready for this adventure and show you how to plot a path to success.
  • Best practices will become an everyday habit.
  • Good habits help you to achieve goals.

Our post-training games allow you to continue staff development in the following areas:

  • Communication.
  • Team work.
  • Human resources management.
  • Sales.
  • Customer service.
  • Production-line management.
  • Motivation;
  • Planning.
  • Standards development.
  • Providing and receiving feedback.
  • You can play our games with your co-workers or your supervisors.
  • In meetings with your employees during working hours.
  • While performing other routine tasks.
  • Anyone can be the game leader and the presence of a trainer or a facilitator is not required.

Before planning any in-company training, our roleplay games can assist in:

  • The assessment of employee development needs
  • The selection of specific competencies to improve and the ability to check on progress after the initial training
  • diagnose a situation in a department / team in terms of selected processes or competencies.


Our games enable the following for your business or team:

  • Provide a common experience and through which employees can develop collaborative approaches
  • Open employees to new practices and get them to think outside the box
  • Improve employee motivation and give them the opportunity to learn in an enjoyable way


After the training, the use of post-training games aim to accomplish the following:

  • Strengthen habits and skills practiced during the training
  • Maintain the interest and positive energy of the participants
  • Relate what was learned during training to everyday routines at work
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training by observing changes in behaviours and attitudes at work


Cases described in our post-training games can be used as part of the job interview process, or when assessing participants at Assessment and Development Centres.

Our post-training games provide an opportunity for the following:

  • Making sense of your wider corporate reality
  • Taking on the role of an employee in a hypothetical situation
  • Defining your own expectations and hopes for your future workplace and, better preparing yourself to take up a new job.

Owners of small businesses as games in our offer enable employees to develop essential competencies;

  • Owners of both large and small businesses
  • HR departments
  • Individuals looking for a new approach to professional development
  • People looking for inspiration and change in their workplace
  • Each and every one of you!