Sales games

Sales games

Games developing commercial/sales competencies

We are currently developing the game „Extraordinary Deal” in consultation with B2B sales teams in various industries.

Players take on the role of employee/manager/business owner and sales workforce in the FMCG sector (Fast Moving Consumer Goods – especially foods and beverages with a short shelf-life, requiring rapid consumption).

Players score points while leading business conversations.

The game teaches the following skills:

  • how to research clients’ needs;
  • how to become a better listener when selling;
  • how to analyse information quality in the sales process.

We have already received positive feedback from our clients. Some have even used an element of “Extraordinary Deal” in their recruitment process.

We want to continue testing the game before launching the final version. Please contact us:

  • if you are interested in testing our game for free,
  • if you work in the FMCG sector,
  • if this game responds to your training needs.